Are you in the studio now or writing any new material?

We are currently writing songs for our upcoming EP A New Beginning and have a surprise coming once we start recording in the studio!

Do you have a certain process you use when you write?

We all have our individual ways of writing for example I usually listen to a song, then I’ll think of a lyric that matches the tune and write it down.

Have you had any hands on experience with fan opinions of your songs?

Our fans gave us a positive feedback for our debut single and are looking forward to hear more of our stuff

What is your biggest fear as an artist?

Jobs could get in the way and could affect us

What inspired you to become a band?

We have all have a huge love for music and our biggest influences are the story so far, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice and Men and Neck Deep, Listening and seeing these bands play made us want to form a band and play live to people

What has become your biggest influence in writing your songs?

Relationships,personal emotions,depression and bullying

If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would it be?

We would love to play all over the world and explore different countiries we never been to and to meet our fans from overseas

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Interview by: Michelle Harris