The Orphan The Poet are pretty new to the music scene and to the industry itself and with being such a young band, they bring a breath of fresh  air. The Daytona quintet have drawn inspirations from pop punk heavy weights like Boys Like Girls and All Time Low, they have a lot of that rebellious feel  throughout their five track  EP entitled “Terrible Things”. The Orphan The Poet have a tough time ahead of them, however with their self released EP that will be coming out on June 3rd they manage to prove that they can hold their own

The opener “Forward” shows all new comers who they are and lead vocalist/guitarist David Eselgroth leads the pact. Eselgroth vocals and playing styles makes The Orphan The Poet sound like a heavier version of Boys  Like Girls, and like them have catchy pop hooks and lyrics that are relatable. The band pulls in their weight in all the songs, with the lead single “Terrible Things” which is appropriately put as the lead single and has the most contagious chorus I’ve ever heard and puts the EP up the song alone has all the elements for the perfect pop punk song and being so well crafted only helps the band showcase what they can write. “Wild and Young” is a very different song, its stands out from the other because of its tone it’s heavier song with an atmospheric tone throughout that shows how they’re not a one trick pony and can try many different styles of writing and sound as good.  The last song on the EP, “Watch You Burn” has taken influences from  All Time Low but still have their own flare and on top of that with Eslegroth vocals makes them like other bands in the same genre but yet pretty different.

Over all, “Terrible Things” is not bad for a debut release, they have a strong release with songs that are strong and can hold down their own for being a new band. The Orphan The Poet  are more raw them a lot of bands in the same scene and are very unique for being that, for starting off on a high note who knows what else they can potentially do. For now we have to sit tight with gold rated release.

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By Raza Malik

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