If there is one thing that the punk scene needs, it’s powerful female singers. In a day and age where male-fronted bands are the majority, the 2000s needed a female hero to save the day. This is where Hayley Williams came to the rescue, blowing up the scene with energy as intense as her hair. Paramore’s second album, Riot!, is the album that put Paramore on the map and allowed them to spread their energy and enthusiasm with the world. When anyone thinks of Riot!, I’m sure the first thing that pops into their head is “Misery Business”, a song that is dedicated to that someone in your life that you don’t want to kill, but you wouldn’t mind physically harming. It has the power to make anyone want to jump around and hand-bang around the room. “That’s What You Get” is a song that everyone seems to know, even if they aren’t sure how they do. Anytime anyone says “that’s what you get”, everyone within a 10 foot radius will belt back with a chorus of “when you let your heart win” on command. Hayley Williams has become a powerful female figure in the punk scene, and has provided a marvelous example for females everywhere. The energy and vigor that is contained in Riot! conveys a message to females everywhere that they can be just as explosive and expressive as their counterpart.


Written by Micaela Windom