Out Came The Wolves has joined the Roadrunner Records family. The band is made up of Cameron Burns (Vocals), George Shrouder (Guitar), Austin Brady (Guitar) and Ervin Buljubasic (Bass)

They have also released two tracks “96” and “Queen Mary” comprised into a digital single. “Queen Mary” also has a new music video to accompany the release.

Both tracks will appear on the band’s debut LP due out later this Fall.

Make sure to catch them on tour starting June 15th


ON TOUR 2016

6/15-7/15 with Myka Relocate and Light Up The Sky

Jun 15                    Billboard Live                                        Salt Lake City, UT

Jun 16                    Moon Room Summit                            Denver, CO

Jun 17                    Aftershock                                            Kansas City, KS

Jun 18                    Beat Kitchen                                         Chicago, IL

Jun 19                    Firebird                                                  St Louis, MO

Jun 21                    Emerson Theatre                                 Indianapolis, IN

Jun 22                    Double Happiness                                Columbus, OH

Jun 23                    Basement Transmissions                     Erie, PA

Jun 24                    The Studio                                             Buffalo, NY

Jun 26                    The Palladium Upstairs                        Worcester, MA

Jun 28                    Gamechanger World                           Freehold, NJ

Jun 29                    Amityville Music Hall                           Amityville, NY

Jun 30                    Voltage Lounge                                    Philadelphia, PA

Jul 01                      The Canal Club                                      Richmond, VA

Jul 03                      The Masquerade Purgatory               Atlanta, GA

Jul 05                      1904 Music Hall                                   Jacksonville, FL

Jul 06                      Backbooth                                             Orlando, FL

Jul 08                      The Prophet Bar                                   Dallas, TX

Jul 09                      The Dirty Dog                                        Austin, TX

Jul 10                      Walter’s                                 Houston, TX

Jul 11                      Mesa Music Hall                                   El Paso, TX

Jul 13                      The Undergound                                  Phoenix, AZ

Jul 14                      Chain Reaction                                     Anaheim, CA

Jul 15                      White Oak Music Hall                          Los Angeles, CA

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