The Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots are an interesting group with just the two of them, they manage to cross into different genres and pull it off quite impressively. Mixing rap, alt rock and many other different types of styles with each release has been really well received, the experimental approach of how they make songs is oddly unique to just them. In order to promote a band they need to market themselves and one of the best ways to do so is a music video, but with Twenty One Pilots it’s just as random as their music which isn’t a bad thing, in fact it works well when they do it and not have a continuous theme. In order to really understand what  Twenty One Pilots is about, you can’t just listen to them you need to watch them, this list will introduce you to a starting point for the duo.

Car Radio

The music video is a simple concept, featuring lead vocalist Tyler Joseph sitting under a washroom sink and not focusing on the camera. The video seems pretty straight forward up until he’s rapping the verse and shaving the hair of his head then puts on the iconic ski mask that they’ve worn before. After all that, the camera follows him into a purple lit area which turns out to be a concert, the concept is pretty cool because as he goes into the still crowd the electronic beat mixed in with Josh Dun hitting the bass drums and high hats on his kit that leads up into the crowd going crazy with vocalist Joseph screaming into the camera while everything is goes off around him. The thing about this music video isn’t really the video itself but rather the energy it gives off when you go to a show of theirs that’s what you can expect.


Unlike a lot of their other videos which are half shot like an actual music video to switching to a concert, It shows how all over the place they are as band, playing out in the middle of forest and shooting both in the day and in the night. The video doesn’t hide away from who the duo is and that’s being different. Joseph is just as odd as before when it comes to performing in general by acting all lose and acting like he has no control over his limbs, and those weird camera angles really make the video meaning they show how much different the video is from others by them.

Stressed Out

This song is their breakout hit and to accompany such a feat they have to make music video with that’s just as strong as the song. Stressed out will bring in new fans into their fold just based on the music video itself. From what I gather, both Joseph and Dun are reminiscing about their childhood when things were a lot simpler, you can see clear symbolism towards family along with where they grew up. The music video itself is quite simple but you can gather a lot from who you are perspective plays an important role in understanding the concept.

Tear In My Heart

The video takes both practicality and computer generated graphics into one. Like the rest of their music videos they tell a story and add elements of other themes, but the hallucinations Joseph can  makes the video more quirky and less serious which fits into the personality of the band. The duo playing in a China town adds to question “why?” like why do it this way, but then again any other away would not do the band any justice. The theme of the video seems to be love or whatever surrounds it the big pay off at the end where Joseph gets beat up a blonde women which speaks to him before the beating the totally random ending clearly makes the song end on high note and leaves the views saying “what did I just watch?, lets watch it again” and that is a very good sign.

Lane Boy

This list wouldn’t be complete if we left out Lane Boy, the reason being in just by the video alone could leave some scratching their heads. Joseph walking at night on a path with two people in white gas gear and there’s small dance number in their too. Just as you finally accept the video for what the video is, the switches to a concert scene this time Dun is there as well along with those two characters in the white gas suits, and the cool part is that Joseph is looking towards camera while the audience behind him begins to kneel row by row, it looks like a wave but as soon as the chorus kicks in so does the rest of the band which adds up to a perfect way to end.

          Overall these songs are just as good as the rest, the reason why they were picked is because they do the best showing who and what the band is about. Like their music, you can’t compare them to someone else’s music video because they’re so different and you can’t compare their own music videos with each other because again each one is super different from the rest and they each have something different to bring. Regardless of what the case is, from seeing all the music videos each are good in their own sense but these five are good starter pack for Twenty One Pilots

Written By: Raza Malik