From being seasoned veterans, Letlive have always had a firm grasp on the industry and scene and have played a prominent role in shaping the scene around them a lot of bands have followed their footsteps. Letlive has been around for over decade, and time and growth has helped them and every release since Speak like you Talk in 2005 has only made the band more experienced and more important in the scene. With the release of their fourth studio album called “If I’m the Devil” which at first glance is not a typical Letlive record it feels like they’re growing beyond their post-hardcore roots but if it works it works.

The record isn’t as heavy as their other work but in contrast nor is it the lightest record they’ve written. It’s a different type of Letlive album and feels like it’s not Letlive but Jason Butler iconic raspy voice brings it home. The start of the album called “I’ve Learned to Love Myself” comes straight out of left field, an epic combination of an orchestral score with the band playing on top of it, its powerful way of staring off an album. Then right after that song the album goes immediately goes in a different direction with “Nu Romantics” that’s more lose sounding song but its shows Butler talent outshining himself. “Reluctantly Dead” stands out the most due to the fact this melodic chorus in which guitarist Jeff Sahyoun is the backbone his strength feeding off the energy off his other band mates and pays off it the end. In both songs “Elephant” and “Another Offensive Song” are both classic Letlive songs, they’re fast and aggressive and in latter Butlers vocals go into over drive. Butler vocal muscles work harder than ever on the record the power that he can belt from his lungs only shows that he’s getting better and more versatile a clean singer and screamer, it truly shows how he deserves to be where in his in scene.

“If I’m the Devil…” has clearly shown that Letlive can out do themselves over and over again, and also experimenting has only helped their sound get better. You can hear that they are going beyond what they’re supposed to do and it works so well, they infuse some hip hop, blues and some new wave elements in composing each song and everything flows so well. Letlive makes making amazingly crafted songs look so easy. Its great seeing how far they’ve come and seeing a band evolve in a positive way is encouraging for them because then they could do  more experimenting and it could work again.

Review By: Raza Malik