While Dash|Ten is only just starting, they have come a long way and are making a big impact of their fans. They also happen to be playing the whole summer with Vans Warped Tour.

You just released a self-titled album a couple weeks ago, has the praise you have received been what you expected?

We’ve been really excited to hear what people think! Since our band is brand new, it gives us a really unique opportunity to see what listeners think before anyone has any specific opinion about us. The messages we have been getting are all really positive, and it’s so fulfilling for all that hard work to pay off.

What are some bands/artists who inspired you?

We love a lot of bands from the 90s grunge scene, with Nirvana as the obvious king of the hill. We also love rock from the early 2000s – what a great time for bands! Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, and Hoobastank are bands that really represent styles that we love, as well as song-writing.

Before becoming Dash|Ten, did you have previous careers?

Corrin started first. She was an artist in the Baltimore scene for a while before moving to Nashville to be a part of Army Musical Outreach. Since then, she had been touring with that program as a solo artist until Steve and Pete came along to make up Dash|Ten. Steve (guitars) and Pete (drums) are both Army musicians by trade. They had played together before, so when the Corrin decided to start a band she called each of them up and asked if they wanted to do it with her. The rest is history!

What inspired you to work with Army’s Musical Outreach Program?

Our job is pretty incredible right now. We tour the U.S. and play our music for a living. They don’t tell us who to be or what music to play. We get to merge what we love with service to our country. It doesn’t get much better than that.

You all are playing the Full Sail Stage this summer at Warped Tour, once it was official, what was your first reaction?

Honestly, we were blown away. So many of the bands on Warped Tour have been playing together for so long, and have a really strong fan base. We are just starting out. That, combined with Kevin’s invitation to play for the Warped Kick-off live broadcast, was just so humbling, and we’ve been trying to keep up ever since!

Have you had any negative reactions to your music? If so how do you deal with that type of criticism?

There are always going to be people who aren’t a fan of what you do, and that’s okay. We don’t expect everyone to like our music, just like we don’t expect everyone to love pizza (though if you don’t… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?). The greatest thing about putting your music out there is finding the people who do love it, who feel a connection with it. When we get criticism, we always evaluate it – is this something we can learn from? Or is this just someone’s personal taste? We try to take the meat and leave the bones, so to speak. We’re really out there to connect with the people and be kind, no matter what they think of our music. Living by that mantra gives us a lot of peace.

What are you looking forward to the most on this years Warped Tour?

Definitely meeting new fans and checking out great bands. We work pretty hard while we’re out there, but we make time to go cheer on our tour family. Especially when a friend’s band might not have as big of a crowd, we’ll go and hang out in front of the stage, sing along, jam out. Everyone out there is working their tails off, and deserves a great audience. That’s probably our favorite thing to do.

Do you have any Preshow Rituals?

Corrin is a procrastinator, so she’s usually putting on make-up at the last second, jamming out to her latest favorite song (which is currently Bury It by CHVRCHES, by the way). Steve is the early one, who has probably been warming up his fingers for 20 minutes before the show. Pete’s in the middle, and we all just gather ’round and high five before we start to go out on a positive “note”.

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Interview By: Danielle Rhew