10 Quick Tips to Help You Survive Warped Tour

Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the show. Also be sure to bring a water bottle of some sort to fill up at the hydration station that will be providing free water at every stop of the tour.

2. Get plenty of sleep the night before.
Warped Tour is an all day event. You will need plenty of energy to survive the whole day. Don’t end up passing out in the shade under a tree and missing your favorite bands!

3. Dress appropriately.
Every year I see someone in a beanie or hoodie and it kills me. Bathing suits, tank tops, lightweight shirts, and shorts are your best friends. Also closed toes shoes are a must. You will break your toes in the crowd if you wear flip-flops.

4. Make a band list and prioritize it.
There are a ton of bands on the tour, be sure to make a band list from the bands you must see to the bands that you don’t mind missing. This way when you get to see inflatable first thing in the morning, you can make your schedule faster.

5. Bring a lightweight backpack.
Warped Tour has a ton of bands/vendors/non-profits giving out free stuff and selling merch. You are going to need some way to carry around all of your swag.

6. Get to the venue early.
You will not know till the morning of Warped when your favorite bands are going to play. Be sure to get to the venue before doors open so you won’t miss any of the action.

7. Once you’re in, go straight to the Vans inflatable.
The Vans inflatable is basically Warped Tour headquarters. This is the place that the entire schedule for the day will be, signings, vans merch, and it is all conveniently located right in front of the Main Stage.

8. Make some rounds.
Like I stated earlier, there is a ton of bands/vendors/non-profits. Be sure to make a few rounds to pick up free stuff, figure out when bands are signing, and support your favorite bands and non-profits.

9. Pace yourself.
Again, Warped Tour is an all day event. You need to pace yourself. Don’t give everything you’ve got at noon. You need to still be able to walk out of the venue at 9pm. Pace yourself and don’t be afraid to take a break.

10. We are a family.
There is one thing that is amazing about Warped Tour. We are one big family of brothers and sisters. We are all bonding over the love for the live music. If you see someone fall, pick him or her up, if you see someone who needs to get out of the crowd, make a hole. Take care of each other out there!

Warped Tour is only once a year, maybe a couple other times if you’re like me and like to go to multiple dates… But have a fantastic time, make new friends, and explore some new music!

This years Warped Tour lineup is unreal! Headlining bands include old school powerhouses like Good Charlotte and Sum 41, Warped veterans Less Than Jake and New Found Glory, and new comers to the main stage Tonight Alive and Set It Off! Be sure to check out all of the other bands on the tour here! Warped is the perfect place to find your next favorite band. Do some searching on the website, check out some new music, and check out some new bands at your Warped date! Tickets on sale now!

Written & Designed By: TL Dickens