Self releasing and not being under a record can be nearly impossible to make it out of the underground, you have to be different and better and you need to find a way to stand out.  Dylan Young looks like he’s trying to get out of the norm with his debut EP called “How it Felt”. The five song-EP is collection of soothing songs that have ever been released independently, they’re just so raw you can hear Young’s voice reaching into your soul and making it sing along. Each song is composed without any scarifies, making them worthy of being reached to a bigger audience, “Burn” which starts off the EP shows without any editing and without any vocal correction tools Young’s voice is just as authentic as the songs he has written. He has knack for writing some writing typical indie rock songs but rather than sounding the same as of his many peers he manages to push the bar, this is evident in “After Words” which is just as catchy as the rest, but with the faster tempo it’s the one that stands out the most and is the most memorable. The closer “Curse Of The Hips” completes the EP in the sense that its following the same sound the EP and combines every good part of the EP which is most of it, and puts it into one melting pot in which the outcome is 5th song. Young’s voice and lyrics are things that aren’t heard a lot these days and he’s lucky to have that over everyone. “How it Felt” is yet another rare collection of songs that we need more of and Dylan Young is managing to get the jump on his peers with it.


Review By: Raza Malik