When writing your EP, the Closest Thing to Closure what was the thought process going into it?

We all just wanted to write an EP that we could be proud of. I don’t know that there was a specific objective or anything- we just wanted to make the best release that we could.

Since you’re finished writing and recording has the experience helped you become better as artist?

I think that we’re working together as a band much better. We’re all learning how to work best with each other and I think we’re really clicking.

If you could go back and re do some things off the EP what would it be?

Well if we want to get particular I’m sure we could find a bunch of things we’d like to change haha. But all around, we’re all very happy with how the release came out.

You aren’t under any record label, so does that give you more freedom in sense of what you want to do as a band or is it harder?

Well it definitely would be helpful to have some support outside of the band however it is nice that we don’t have to fit a particular image or style.

Closest Thing to Closure is an interesting name for an EP, is there a story to it?

Lyrically, a lot of the songs on Closure dealt with personal issues that Alex was facing during/before the writing of the EP that he never really got closure on. For him the whole purpose of this EP was to get that closure.

Since the release of the EP how have fans reactions been to it?

We’ve gotten a lot of really good reception to it so far. We’re hoping people will be just as in to the new stuff we’ve got coming up.

Artist can put out their best work and everyone will love it, but there will always be negativity no matter what, how do you counteract that. Do you use as feedback or just ignore it?

Well, at the end of the day- while we certainly hope that people will enjoy The Closest Thing to Closure- we wrote it for ourselves. That was the EP that we wanted to put out. We didn’t write it for anyone else. We wrote it for ourselves.

What are some influences that helped shape Ghosts Again sound?

We could literally name a couple thousand different artists that we all like but to start we’re all in to Pierce the Veil, Letlive., and Underoath.


You have three music videos out what was it like doing that, did you like it?

Well all of our music videos are shot by our singer Alex (Boundless Visuals) and they’ve been a lot of fun. Shooting them can be a pain but it’s always really rewarding to see what Alex can make of them.

What songs do you like playing live and why?

All around I’d have to say our favorite song to play live is Pant’s Division (The End is Silence). It’s definitely our most versatile song that’s out right now and we’re all super proud of it.

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for you, any surprises you’d like to share?

Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if we went and told you now would it?


Make Sure to Pick up Ghosts Again’s New EP, “The Closest Thing To Closure” and check out their new Music Video for Relive/Revive

Interview By: Raza Malik