Crown the Empire’s newest album Retrograde debuted on July 22, 2016 on Rise Records. Retrograde was probably the most anticipated album of their career so far. The band decided that with this album they were going to shy away from the well-known story line of Johnny Ringo and create their own sound without limitations. The dudes of CTE reinvented themselves with this album. Zero was the first single out of the gate. The familiar sound of Andy Leo’s clean vocals along with Dave Escamilla’s screams was literally music to our ears! Similarly to the previous albums, they decided to stick with a certain theme; Retrograde’s theme was a mix of outer space and nostalgic pastimes, which we found quite intriguing. The second song on the album, ‘Are You Coming with Me?’ begins with a voice-over that pays homage to Crown the Empire’s previous exceptional success in their theatrics, which have been part of their music, touring as well as their music videos.

Slowing it down with ‘Aftermath’, the guys of Crown the Empire laid it all out for their fans in this song. I believe that most listeners will be able to relate to this song in some way. Everyone has been in a relationship (or three) where we have felt this way. “I could feel love without you, I’m all that I have, I am the aftermath!” will soon be the anthem of 2016 thanks to CTE. Another hard hitter on this album is ‘Weight of the World’, which is about the constant examination of every single thing the band does and how it’s publicized for the entire world to see. You can hear the irritation the guys have about this situation in the overall tone of this song, CTE is sick of trying to please everyone with their music (and they shouldn’t have to). They decided when they made this album they would make it for themselves, and as fans we’ve been cheering them on the whole way.

The final song on the album, Kaleidoscope allows your imagination to run wild with sensory words “The colors fly like gold in my hands…The world is your kaleidoscope” Crown the Empire sure hasn’t strayed from their roots of post-hardcore music. The combination of screaming and major serenades of both Andy and Dave give us in this album is For the Win!

Check out songs:

Are You Coming with Me?



Weight of the World

You can find Retrograde at your Target, amazon, iTunes and wherever your favorite music is sold.

Written by Michelle C. Harris