The Road for Messenger Down has been a long, dating back to the bands birth in 2012, What would you say the hardest thing has been to get to the point you are at now?

Honestly this past year has been the hardest yet. I feel like for any artist it’s important to keep pushing yourself to do bigger and better things, and this time I was doing that on my own. It’s so rewarding to finally be here at the end, but the road from July 2015 to July 2016 was insane.

Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?

Sure, there are plenty of things I wish could have been done differently or better, but what it all boils down to is that I’m the happiest now than I have ever been. It it wasn’t for all the mistakes along the way I wouldn’t be able to say that.

What ultimately lead to the change in sound from your previous albums to Cheating Death?

A lot, really. I guess it just kinda started from listening to different things and finding inspiration from artists and bands I hadn’t paid as much attention to in the past. I scrapped a whole EP and full length album that I thought perfected the sound I originally started Messenger Down to take on. I decided I wanted to create a new identity and sound, one that brought all these new sounds and influences to the table and made them work with what MD had done in the past, rather than chasing the same thing I’d spent the last 4 years going after. My sound is going to continue to evolve and change, but Cheating Death is the perfect balance between where I want to go and where I’ve been.

What was your inspiration on this album?

 Change, figuring myself out, and falling back in love with music again. Every song on Cheating Death is super honest and personal, and none of them hold any punches back. My life was flipped upside down, so I wrote about that and found inspiration in figuring out how I was going to keep everything afloat.


A Lot of artists have their own writing process, Do you? And if so do you mind sharing it with us?

The way I write varies from song to song. Sometimes it starts with a lyric, sometimes with an instrument. Sometimes I’ll have all the words down before even starting the music, sometimes I’ll have the music finished and then put the words to that. It all depends on the song and how much I have to say haha.

So far, how have your longtime fans reacted to the EP?

 Surprisingly positive! I honestly didn’t expect so many people to be this open to the new sound! It’s really nice and really refreshing!

What is your favorite song of “Cheating Death” ?

 I genuinely can’t say, haha. Each song has at least a moment or two where I say “yep, this is my favorite…” but then the next song starts and I hear the moment or two in that and change my mind.

You also released a Coloring book for Cheating Death, which is quite unique compared to what most artists release with a new album, what was the inspiration behind the idea of that?

 It was really just a neat idea my manager and I had been throwing around. I wanted to do something unique rather than just offering the same things every band puts out, and coloring books have kinda become popular again over the last year or so. It all fell into place after that and I’m crazy happy with how they turned out!

Interview By: Danielle Rhew