Have you ever dyed your hair a neon color? Did you wear colorful skinny jeans in the late 2000’s? Have you ever typed “rawr xD” on a Myspace profile? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you were probably a scene kid. And my friends, this album is scene royalty. I’m taking about Raleigh, North Carolina post-hardcore band Alesana’s 3rd studio album. This album launched what has pretty much defined the rest of Alesana’s career, The Annabel Chronicles. Influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, vocalists Shawn Milke and Dennis Lee decided to create a horror concept album and a short story to be released in the booklet of the album. I loved this concept so much and I definitely wasn’t the only one as the album as the album debuted at 68 on the Billboard 200 charts.
The story basically consists of a sketch artist known as “The Artist” waking up one day to find his true love Annabel, dead, lying next to him. Broken hearted and horrified he hides her body and thus begins the craziness. I won’t spoil anything, even though you should have read it by now, but things get very exciting for then on. So go sit back, put on those comfy neon skinny jeans, and throw in the CD, listen to it cover to cover and be sure to check out the short story.

Review By: TL Dickens