SEE is a multi-talented recording artist, from Long Island, New York. Her new EP Ties is a powerful addition to the pop-rock/singer-song-writer genres. Although, not completely unique SEE incorporates elements not commonly found within music of this nature.
Let me first say that I do not normally listen to artists within this area of music. However, Ties is an EP I can see myself listening to willingly, without getting tired of it. SEE’s voice is easy to listen to, and the vocal melodies she writes will get you singing her songs subconsciously. The mix of electronic, pop-rock and indie-singer-song-writer elements are put together pretty well. The EP showcases a great variety of her talents.
The first song off the EP, titled “Green Line Killer” is a solid opening track, maybe the most energetic song off the EP. The song is a mix of electronic and pop-rock, a bit generic but still has some pretty catchy vocal melodies.
The next song off of Ties titled “Close Eyes Open,” delves a bit deeper into the indie/singer-songwriter genre. There is more of an atmosphere to this song, which makes the track very interesting. It starts off somewhat eerie, with some feedback echoing in the back of the mix, then builds up to this trippy indie space-rock song . I love the gritty bass tone that comes in halfway through the song, adds a lot more presence to it. This track is really cool and unexpected.

Her most popular track “Potions,” an electronic/pop-rock love ballad, has a powerful and inspirational message to it, to not be ashamed of who you are. The song’s official music video has over 700K views on YouTube within just two months. However, I do not think it is her best written song off Ties.
The track that really displays her songwriting capabilities, is “Blue Await.” This track is both gentle and powerful, provoking immense emotion yet remaining relaxed. This song is really jazzy, with a relaxed atmosphere to it, sort of bossa-nova esque. The vocal melody and harmonies in the song are quite beautiful. Overall the song is put together really well and is probably my favorite track off the EP.
The song that closes Ties, “She Cries,” is a pretty acoustic-rock song, that feels like a conclusion. There are some great vocal melodies in this song, along with a moving band accompaniment. However, the song feels as though it is going to go somewhere but just sort of fizzles out.
Overall the EP is a great release. My only criticisms towards it, are that the backing instrumentation to the vocals are a bit generic. I guess that comes with the genre. However, if SEE truly wants to stand out from the overcrowded pop genre, maybe stick to indie/singer-songwriter style more than the electronic pop. I feel that her voice is softer and mellow, which really fits in well with her acoustic-indie-rock songs.
I look forward to “SEEing,” (real original pun I know) what SEE does next, I can see her becoming very successful with her music career.

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By: Alex Rothenberg