In the world of rock music the late 90’s and early 2000’s were some of the most iconic years for music. The music scene had shifted gears and skyrocketed punk rock, grunge, and alternative rock to the mainstream media. Genres came and went, bands lived and died, and some of our veteran rockers decided it was time to flip the switch on their sound, including The Foo Fighters.

On November 2 of 1999, The Foo Fighters released There is Nothing Left to Lose. Fans of the band often accept this album as a breakaway of sorts, introducing not only a new sound, but new members.  While many expected the group to become a substitution for Nirvana they began experimenting with new sounds and released pivotal singles with  the notorious “Learn to Fly” among the ranks. While the album is a far cry from Sonic Highways it is a step in the right direction. The group made sure to lay everything on the table with this album, clearly stating they had Nothing Left to Lose.  

We are introduced to the album through “Stacked Actors”. After just a few seconds the staticky beat mellows out into a seemingly smooth jazz tune and Grohl’s voice breaks through it all. The song stays true to the 90’s theme with intentions of calling out all of the fakes, and sticking it to the man, or as Grohl states “I think it’s time we all should come clean”.  As the album, goes on we get to see some different plays in melody and the groove really begins to stick. Such as the guitar in the beginning of “Gimme Stitches” which is very reminiscent of some classic rock. My mind is flooded with images of Dave Grohl imitating Chuck Berry’s duck walk as he glides across the stage to the introduction.

The band still manages to appease the masses with some of the softer songs on the album such as “Ain’t it the Life” and “Next Year”. Each of these songs perfectly emulates those late night drive moods, and the classic long car ride movie scenes that are oh so emotional.

Despite all of the amazing songs on the album, critics from years past and years to come agree that “Learn to Fly” is the highpoint of the album. The song is all about looking for answers, truth, and maybe just a little help along the way. Feeling trapped and confused never sounded so good until these guys put it into music. With lyrics easy to catch on to you can’t help but belt the song to the top of your lungs and ride the rhythm out to the end, where we will all hopefully “Learn to Fly”.


Review By: Tiffani Acrey