Ohio based pop-rock trio, Plaid Brixx released a new self-titled EP this past July. It’s everything you would expect from the genre, with a slight twist. The EP sounds like if Imagine Dragons, and Maroon 5 had a child that was born inside a seedy nightclub in Vegas, not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

With that being said, the five-track EP could be reduced down to two, maybe three songs at most. There is really no variation to the tracks, just sort of an endless loop of nightclub pulsations, but, by all means, if that’s your jam, then this EP could be a decent addition to your catalog.

The common thing I found myself doing, while listening to the EP, is zoning out. There is nothing that really intrigues or captivates me about these songs, they are just very fluffy and plain. I need more depth and substance. I guess it’s good for listening to while working out, for those who put themselves through that sort of thing, or other monotonous daily tasks like driving to the grocery store or shaving.

It feels unnecessary to review the EP, track by track due to the fact that each song is so eerily similar to the other.

Each song seems to start the same way, with a synthesizer introduction, then enter vocals and then full band. For me there just needs to be more variation, the redundancy can become very boring. Every song, and I mean every song, has a common theme of “feelin’ good, havin’ a good time, no looking back and all that jazz.” Although such motifs are expected within this party-dance-rock genre, I just wish the lyrics weren’t so blunt about it. There are just so many pop artists out there that get lost in a sea of unoriginality .

One of the best aspects to the EP is the production quality. The EP sound is good quality, there are no feelings of emptiness, everything is clear and mixed well.

The only thing that sort of sets apart Plaid Brixx’ self-titled EP, are the somewhat spacey synthesizers and even those are a bit derivative. However, I will admit that the vocal melodies are catchy and the lead singer, Chris Duggan has a good voice. I just feel that the lyrics lack substance, making them easily forgettable.

All in all, this is a group of talented dudes, I just believe they could have written something more profound, that deviates from the norm of pop music. However, to put it simply, the EP is fun and light hearted, so if that is what the band is going for, then they definitely achieved it.

By Alexander Rothenberg