Twenty songs, over an hour of music, added bonus tracks featuring female rock icon Lizzy Hale, and some acoustic coverage? Shinedown’s third studio album, Sound of Madness, owns up to it’s name, as it is nothing but captivating madness.


This is one of the few albums that I can say with complete confidence contains a song for everyone, and every emotion. With such perfect balance and smooth transitions Shinedown leads their followers down a spiraling rabbit hole they’ll never want to escape. Go ahead and call me Alice because I just can’t break out of this trance and there seems to be “no real ending” to this album as stated in “Her Name is Alice”. This unique song contains one of the many more interesting and whimsical introductions the band had to offer, as they had many opportunities to make a first impression between each track. Every pause between songs followed by a voice or strike of a chord leaves the listener with such antici………….pation (For all you Rock Horror Picture Show fans out there) , of what is to follow because that is a tell tale sign of if we should be suiting of for battle and marching to “Devour”, or crying our eyes out to “If You Only Knew” while dedicating “What A Shame” to the life we are still trying to figure out. The album is full of songs for the moment, and would make for perfect dedications to exes, friends you had to leave behind, or anyone thats attempting to rain on your parade. Some of the band’s most known songs can be found on this album including “The Crow and  the Butterfly” , “Devour”, “Sound of Madness”, “Second Chance”, “If You Only Knew”, and “Diamond Eyes” (better known as “Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom”). Among these various hits lay emotions of loss, heartbreak, pain, and anger that captured the hearts of fans everywhere and made this album oh so relatable.

Review By: Tiffani Acrey