What were main influences for your new album release, No Rest?

Well, we say it all the time, but our influences as a band are all over the place. And we never set out to have one sound. We could keep listing whatever bands we accidentally rip off, but I’d prefer to say our influences for NO REST have been the the things we see happening that no one seems to be talking about.

What was the recording process like for the record. Did you have every song mapped out or did you experiment with ideas?

We had everything all mapped out. But we record with such a minimalist flair. We don’t really take too long to record because we only have one guitarist, Nick is an insane drummer, and we like first takes a lot of the time. We still want the record to have a “live” feel. So you’ll be able to hear a lot of slight fuck-ups throughout the record.

How was the reception to your album?

It’s been great. The record release show was amazing and we’ve been doing pretty well with it on the road. That’s the main way we get into people’s heads–the live show. So far, it’s been as well received as we could have asked.

What do you think appeals most to people, about your music?

It’s like “mathcore” for people who don’t really like “mathcore”. Metal for people who don’t like metal. It’s abrasive, but has charm that I think can be enjoyed by anyone who likes stuff that isn’t straight forward.

What were some things you wish you did differently on the record, if any?

If I told you, you’d listen to those things and realize their flaws. I’d rather hear what YOU don’t like about the record without any previous notions. That’d be more interesting.

How important is gear/effects to your sound?

As a vocalist I can’t really answer this question. Dave builds our cabinets though. Gives the guitars and bass some needed “meat” since we’re only a four piece. Other than that, we don’t use too many effects really. Like I said…minimalist, baby!

What is your favorite place to play, in the area you are based in?

Favorite city ever? Panama City, Florida. Other than that, anywhere in Philadelphia, PA. As far as home, there ain’t really too many venues down here again. So we’ll have to wait for a new favorite.

As a mathcore band, your songs are focused on playing in different time signatures. How do you get into/stay in the mindset of playing in these more complicated time signatures?

Huffing the scent of a lot of soiled kitty litter.

What is your most complicated song to play?

Ummm…as a whole? I might say “No Headline”. There’s a lot of little tricky parts that cramp up wrists and it’s kind of taxing stamina wise. For me personally…anything that I try to “sing” on. Ha.

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Interview By: Alex Roth