If you’re looking for a new band that is young, vibrant and different then Kentucky based Too Close To Touch is exactly what you’re looking for. On the heels of their arena rock filled record: Haven’t Been Myself  you can expect big things from the quintuplet like huge and heavy choruses along with atmospheric tones scattered throughout. The Kentucky natives are very different amongst their peers, but still take influence from Hands Like Houses and I The Mighty but still bringing their own take to it. Haven’t Been Myself is an emotional record, every component, everything that brings the record in as one is piece of art.

Everything about this record feels like it belongs in the world they’ve created down to the album art work. Having been on the scene for not very long, vocalist Keaton Peirce manages to hold his own he’s an amazing lyricist in the sense that each song he writes has punch, in the song “Crooked Smile” you can hear his wordplay: “You hate yourself, I hate you more. All the anger, I can’t seem to let it go” which to me is relatable and that makes it a lot more enjoyable. He can bring emotion within his words which like me will leave some listeners with their hair standing. The last song “Eiley” shows how emotional he can be, his writing style is a lot like Bradley Walden who’s the current lead singer of Emarosa. “Miss Your Face” is like a lot of other songs on the record, but the other songs don’t demonstrate Peirce’s vocal range well, he can do his normal high tone and then go higher without dropping out of key, this ability he has brings more life to the song and the record itself. Guitarists Mason Marble and Thomas Kidd make up the flesh of the record, the not so subtle heavy shredding in “Inside Voices”  shows they can be technical along with being heavy and full of power, the makeshift breakdown brings out both Marble and Kidd talents and overshadow Peirce but in a good way. The backbone of the album is drummer Kenneth Downey who throughout the album shows why he’s in such a band with same caliber as him. Behind the kit he has a vast artillery of drumming patterns and he unleashes them with such finesse, in the 7th  song “Modern Love Affair”  he’s drumming is distinct than any other track the whole band seems to following his pattern, he throws absolutely everything he has in the song.

Haven’t Been Myself” is a Tour De Force for them, of course it’s their second album but it feels like they’ve been at this for several years now. Having an atmospheric vibe really makes the record sound deeper and more impactful, the electronic pianos that play underneath the band compliment each song and it pays off.  The album never seems to lose steam anywhere, track after track you’ll have little time to breathe, but when you get the chance to breathe for air the album throws back into its world and that’s good, being consistent and being full of energy leaves no room to slack off. Each song has its own thing going on; from the words to the instruments every song has something different to bring you.

To Close Too Touch shouldn’t be passed up, if you like Hands Like Houses, I The Mighty and Emarosa then you’ll definitely dig them. Haven’t Been Myself is out now, Check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tooclosetotouch/?fref=ts, for more info on them.

Review by: Raza Malik