Green Day has earned itself as an house old name amongst the heavy hitters of rock and roll within the past two decades, in 2005 they released their instant classic American Idiot that pushed them into the mainstream and gathered fans from all over. That record had a huge cultural impact that holds the test of time, it’s politically charged lyrics still have influence on today’s political and cultural landscape. They tried to repeat the success with 2009s release of 21st Century Breakdown which wasn’t as impactful as American Idiot but still had a number of good songs and then again in 2012 with their trilogy album concept which was lackluster at best didn’t hold that much of a light to their 2005 release. Green Day have returned this time it feels sort of a like déjà vu, they just released “Revolution Radio” and the trio has gone back to their roots.
When I say they’ve gone back to their roots I don’t mean as far back to when they were founded, they just went back to the days of American Idiot. A lot of the songs sound like they’re sequels of songs off that album. “Revolution Radio” the title track sounds a lot like Holiday with how the melodies of Billie Joe Armstrong voice falls in the line with the guitars, it’s almost nostalgic. The lead single “Bang Bang” is a very catchy song and this record has a ton of those, however most of the good songs are in the first half, the song itself sounds like an extension of 2005s St.Jimmy the catchy hook and the chorus brings out the inner punk rock of listener. “Say Goodbye” out of the songs of this record it’s the most different, although it sounds a lot like East Jesus Nowhere from their 2009 release. The influence of their older work is evident in this record which is fine, work with what you know, it’s a safe album. “Bouncing Off the Walls” and “Youngblood” are the staple Green Day songs, they’ve got simple but catchy guitar work and drumming from the iconic Tre Cool. Although the record has good songs it’s still not as good as American Idiot, in fact 21st Century Breakdown is better.
Revolution Radio is a return to form for them but it still is rough around the edges, where American Idiot succeeded in the aspect of clever lyrics and musically, Revelation Radio barely manages to break ever. It’s not a bad record it’s just not the best, maybe American Idiot was the height of their success. What I do take from this is that it’s a them going back to go how they were in 2005 but not as good as that.

Green Day is Head out on tour in 2017 and you can check out details and dates here

Review By: Raza Malik