When an artist or band changes their sound for the sake of progression it can end up destroying them making their fans hate the change or something beautiful can happen, the change can push them to be more successful and more mainstream which is something that every musician wants right?. In the case of English rockers Bring me the Horizon it’s the later that applies, starting off their musical career as primarily a deathcore with their debut Count Your Blessings that came out a decade ago that put them amongst heavy hitters like Suicide Silence as a staple for the genre. As the years went and as band members changed so did their sound, it wasn’t until their 2010 release of There Is a Hell. Believe Me, I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret that we saw the band start to move away from the deathcore sound that made them , and to move towards a more experimental tone with clean vocals, which was a first for this type of band. In 2015 BMTH released their newest album called “That’s the Spirit” which is the farthest from anything they’ve done, they’ve replaced the breakdowns with more symphonic sounds. If you were to put on the album for someone and made them guess, they wouldn’t be able to tell its BMTH.
“That’s the Spirit” is very different in every aspect from the tone to the direction. Oli Sykes and company has written a batch of the most powerful and epic sounding songs ever, from start to finish the band puts the listener through a ride starting off heavy and finishing with a light soft note, which is a new thing for them. The lead single “Throne” shows off how far they’ve come from their musical beginnings in 04 as a deathcore band to become so much more than that, the song gathers heavy inspirations from Linkin Parks 2003 hit Faint by having simple and fast verses and large and heavy choruses in between, and has electronic tone over arching everything that connects all instruments together. The album is the farthest thing from a safe sounding album and that’s a really good thing, them being creative and expanding themselves is the best thing they’ve ever done. Speaking of the band expanding and exploring, the song “Follow You” doesn’t sound anything close to a BMTH but it is, the poppy song is one of their more electronic sounding songs and its fresh of breath air for them. “Avalanche” is a fan favorite, not only does it show that Sykes can sing pretty well but also brings out the a side of the band that none of us have seen before, everything about it seems like another band like 30 Seconds to Mars has written it. The song has the most weight to it the chorus pushes the band to a higher level of creativity and shows off that they’re not afraid to risk it all. The record closer “Oh No” is also very different but showcases them being experimental with the focus more on the electronic and symphonic side, and once again shows that he’s a very good singer. Everything about this record feels new and better, in a largely stagnated scene of deathcore they’ve managed to branch out and find some better fresher sounds and put them together to make the best record they can to date, it’s no wonder they’re one of biggest bands out there.
“That’s the Spirit” is proof that a band can change for the better, by experimenting and going out of their safety net they can come up with some amazing results. BMTH has always been one of the heaviest in scene and that’s great, but I applaud them for changing not only do they expand their horizons (no pun intended) but they get a whole slew of new fans. Check out Bring me the Horizon on Facebook for everything related to them

Written By: Raza Malik