The first night of mewithotYou’s headline tour began in Pawtucket, RI at The Met Café (my personal favorite venue) last Friday night. The show began with Needle Points, playing to a less than substantial crowd in attendance. The glitter-covered group quickly captured the attention of the entire venue. Dressed in flashy and gaudy garb, Needle Points played an energetic and fun-loving set, looking like they were having the time of their life the entire time.

Chicago’s Into it. Over it. was next to take the stage. Although very much a different sound than Needle Points, they were able to keep the joyful dynamic that was created earlier on in the night up with witty fan banter. The emotional and very raw performance contrasted this stage presence greatly, surely striking a cord or two with members of the audience. Vocalist Evan Thomas Weiss connected with his New England crowd by announcing a song written about how much he hates New York, causing a roar of cheers. His set ended with an emotional and tear-jerking tribute to a passed friend.

By the time it was time for mewithoutYou to perform, the desolate club had become full, fans lining the room waiting for the headliner. The now 15-year-old band took the stage with as much energy as if they were just starting out. During their set, lead singer Aaron Weiss commented on the fact that he “wasn’t 21 anymore” but it was not evident at all. The indie-folk-punk-rock group brought as much verve as any younger group out there. Their sound is one that cannot be pigeon-holed. It is extremely unique to mwY and one that you just have to experience. The almost two-hour set included songs off their newest record and throwbacks to the earliest work. It was a perfect set for die-hards and newbies alike. The majorly upbeat and energized set was intermixed with only a few slower, solemn ballads. Weiss even took a seat on the stage for one of them, tambourine in hand. The performance was definitely one to remember, and I can see mewithoutYou continuing to keep kicking for years to come.

Photos & Review By Patrick Moran