The Made For You Tour made an appearance in Pawtucket, RI at The Met Café on Tuesday, October 18th. The Summer Set made this tour very special, by handing over the reigns completely to their fans. It was a special night for everyone involved, as fans voted for the cities they visited and the songs they played each night. The energy was high the entire night. Jazzy singer/songwriter Hudson Thames started out the night, captivating the audience with his funky rhythm. William Beckett was next to take the stage, slowing it down for a one-man acoustic performance. In Beckett’s own words, things got “real emo, real quick”, but he kept his banter with the crowd playful and light. Spirits were high as The Summer Set took the stage. They played a surprising amount of songs from their newest record, Stories for Monday. Even front man Brian Logan Dales exclaimed his excitement that so many people voted for those songs. The room transformed into a giant dance party the whole night, with fans jumping and moving to hits like Boomerang and Lighting in a Bottle. Dales once again proclaimed his excitement, saying that this night in little Pawtucket, RI was one of the craziest shows they’ve played. Thames and Beckett joined TSS at different points in the show. The night ended as Dales decided their fake exit and encore was not as important as playing more songs, adding three more to the set for the night. Fans left out of breath from dancing with smiles on their faces.

Photos By: Patrick Moran