In the CD bin of the music industry it is simply to easy to write off a band as generic and toss it aside. From the name of the band to the album cover “A Flair For The Dramatic” by Peirce the Veil is exactly one of these albums that you toss aside looking for The Fall of Troy. Examining the case your gave falls upon a somber bride in a despondent room. The imagery displayed on the album cover suggest a dejected collection of generic songs ranging from country to rock. Flipping the album case over you are greeted by a non quintessential list of song names that follow along with the depressing look of the rest of the album. It’s not until sitting at home you serendipitously find the album tucked behind your other purchases that you give it a chance. Upon pressing play the songs manifest themselves in such a way that your jaw may find its self resting on the floor. From the unmistakeable high pitched screams placed strategically among the slightly nasal melodies there are few moments to regret this album. The generic visual attributes hold nothing to the musical attributes of this nine year old album. From guitar melodies to exceptionally well written moments of poetry this album pushed boundaries with all of the elements working harmoniously together. Lyrical moments unearth themselves with each replay. For a first album it is not hard to see why the band a become such an outstanding hit
By: Ashley Newsome