Pop’s had quite the show on Friday, October 28th. The Wonder Years rolled through the St.Louis area bringing along Seaway, Moose Blood, Knuckle Puck and Real Friends. If that lineup didn’t convince you to get your tickets, then you really missed out.

Seaway was first to perform, I was still waiting in line at this time, but I could hear the audience singing along to Airhead along with Best Mistake and Your Best Friend. They really did set the tone for the rest of the show, and that was energetic and carefree!

Moose Blood took the stage next, as they mellowed out the fans, who sang along with the English band. The band performed songs from their newly released album, “Blush”. Nothing short of inspiring and their songs will stick with you even after they are done playing.

Knuckle Puck were up next, Illinois’ very own. A lot of people associate Pop’s with St.Louis, but the venue is very much so in Illinois. As Joe said, this was their “hometown” show seeing that there was not a Chicago date. I lost count of the amount of crowd surfers, but what is a pop punk show without it?! There may have been even a few mosh pits thrown in there. Concerts are very much like chocolates, in you never know what you are going to get at each date. They are all unique.

Another of Illinois’ finest took the stage next, Real Friends. After struggling to figure out how to pronounce, Sauget, Dan as usual was his overly smiley self on stage. It is very hard not to be in a good mood despite how sad some of the songs may be. The band in general has such positive vibes, and that is always something that stands out in this industry.

The band that a lot of people were waiting for, The Wonder Years finally took the stage. Remember how I lost count of the crowd surfers during Knuckle Puck, well The Wonder Years’ set was no different! Each person who would get caught by security ran out of the pit screaming the words at the top of their lungs. Once again, always good to have such an awesome group of bands on one tour.

Overall, if you missed out hopefully you catch these bands the next time they are in your area. It is always wonderful to cover such an awesome tour package with such positively wonderful people no matter where you turn.


Photos and Review by: Cassie Deadmond