Looking for a unique Christmas experience this holiday season, but unsure about where to even start? Tired of the same old mainstream versions of Christmas songs, written several decades ago, constantly playing in Macy’s and other retail shops? One thing to be certain about is that your holiday playlist can make or break the party. Well, let this list of alternative-Christmas song covers aid you in pleasing even the most “grinchly” guests. This various collection of Christmas tunes will surely turn that coal-filled- stocking of a Christmas party into a rockin’ Christmas miracle(is this a pun as well?).

1. The Chill Christmas: Rogue Wave- Jingle Bell Rock

Rogue Wave’s take on the classic Jingle Bell Rock is a great way to get everybody to relax and “mingle,” while chowin’ down on some delicious hors d’oeuvres. This version is pretty far from rock, its chill and un-commanding of attention. The airy atmosphere fills the room and serves well as background music for guests to begin chatting over, filling out any awkward silences.

 2. The Comical Christmas: Radiohead- Winter Wonderland

Now that everyone is feeling good and comfortable, having a decent time, it’s time to take it to the next level. Unlike most Radiohead songs, this version is a cheerful and wacky rendition of a popular Christmas sing-along. Thom Yorke’s intoxicated singing and improvised-wooing sounds will surely breakup any tension in the party and ensure everyone is having a blast.

 3. The Raging Christmas: Weezer- Christmas with Weezer

This is everything you would expect a Weezer Christmas album to be, from the fuzzy guitar chords to the melodic guitar solos. This 6-song album is jam packed with classic Weezer sounding songs, just with a holiday twist. Acting, probably as the meat of the playlist, these songs will hopefully make everyone want to sing along and jam out.

4. The Punk Christmas: My Chemical Romance- All I Want for Christmas is You

As sort of a last hurrah to the Christmas party, when everything is starting to die down and guests are sore from throwing themselves around and what not. Put this track on, just as a sort of send-off to the night. This angsty composition of the popular Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is You,” is a great way to shake things up. No one would be expecting things to keep going at this point. Either people will be into it and continue flailing around or just leave, but hey that may not be a bad thing.

5. The Somber Christmas: Death Cab For Cutie- Christmas(Baby Please Come Home)

Now that the party is nearing the end and hopefully everyone is exhausted from the massively exciting time they had, they will either leave or pass out. This gloomy rendition of a pretty peppy Christmas song will make even the stragglers realize it’s time to head out. The dark tonality of Death Cab’s version pushes reality back into the mix of the party, perhaps bumming people out, or maybe a perfect way to circle back into the facets of day to day life after the high of the holidays.

By Alex Rothenberg