While I consider myself a fan of rock music I typically find myself leaning towards the heaver music such as Metallica, Three Days Grace, or Bring Me the Horizon. That being said, it is always refreshing to hear music from one of the more light rock bands. Imagine Dragons is a prime example of one of those bands.
Night Visions, released in 2012 in September, most certainly demonstrates the creativity that the band possess with the album’s positive lyrics and catchy rhythms that come together to form an iconic Imagine Dragons album. From this album a surprising five tracks became singles due to their popularity among the masses. These tracks include “It’s Time”, “Demons”, “Hear Me”, “On Top of the World”, and, my personal favorite, “Radioactive”.
I hadn’t even heard of Imagine Dragons when I heard those five songs. It was only later that I learned the band’s name, but by that time “Radioactive” had already become one of my favorites. As I recall, what drew me in was the start’s calm and almost chanting introduction before the beat quite literally drops. The song then goes into a melodious tangent of entering a new world, kind of ironic given that during that time a lot of people were freaking out over the whole 2012 end of the world belief.
The rest of the album retains a very upbeat and happy personality in both the lyrics and tone of the songs. This allows the album to give a very positive message to the listener about life and all that it entails. This is also where the album differs for me.
While I have listened to my own fair share of rock music, I felt that this album was not necessarily rock oriented. All rock has an energetic quality that is geared to get the listener’s blood pumping and heart racing. Night Visions, to me, lacked this aspect and felt more folk than rock. This might be my own bias from listening to so much heavy rock/metal, but this album just doesn’t feel like rock to me.
That being said, the album is certainly a good listen. While not exactly my cup of tea, so to speak, the songs are certainly popular and will most definitely survive to the next generation. I would recommend this album to anyone that is a fan of the Imagine Dragons, though most likely not to those that are like me and like a more “in your face” kind of sound.

Review By: D.J Adams