What would you say was the hardest thing about starting Sixlight?

The hardest part was finding the right lineup that really fit well together and then getting everyone to co-locate. 

Most, if not all of your members are Veterans, did you think while in the military you would end up starting a band and getting as far as you have so far?

Those of us that were in the military started playing together and developing more as musicians. We kept in touch as we exited the military and formed Sixlight within a year.

Do you get stage fright? If so, what do you do to compose yourself while on stage?

Well since we’re still new, I do get a some nerves before going on stage. The day before I like to start visualizing the show and running it through my head until I feel like I can perform my visualization. 

If you had a free ticket to experience any musician in person, dead or alive, who would you see? any particular reasoning?

Jared Leto, because I like his vision.

You just released the Music Video “Sick Again” via Revolvermag.com, how has the reaction been to it so far?

We’ve actually had a lot of positive feedback that we are really stoked about. We just love knowing what people think about it. We aim to write music we like to listen to, so when other people like it too it’s very gratifying.

Do you have any other songs/videos you are working on?

Yes, we’re working on new songs and the EP has been completed for a while. We’re aiming to shoot a music video for a new single to be released before the EP drops in April.

Can we expect any more tour dates in the coming future?

Yes, keep checking www.sixlightus.com for upcoming tour dates.

Have you ever had any bloopers happen on stage and how did you react/handle them?

Yes we have. Usually we just carry on and pretend the song went that way


Interview by:Danielle Rhew