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Recently our Co-Editor of Amped Sound got to sit down with two-thirds of Paper Route before their show at the NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia. Paper Route is currently on tour with talented up and coming rapper K. Flay and break out artist Daye Jack. Right now they are promoting their latest album ‘Real Emotion’ and their newest hit single ‘Balconies’.

When asked how they like the tour so far, JT Daly, lead singer of Paper Route responded “It’s great. It’s one of my favorite tours so far; not to slight the other tours we’ve ever been on it’s just different in a lot of ways. We’ve always wanted to tour with a hip hop artist and it’s awesome that our music finally gets to come after a hip hop artist because we’re very influenced by hip hop music and production and it’s never really worked out and it’s awesome that it’s happened.” Hearing that the tour was going so well, we wondered if there were any mishaps or interesting stories they wanted to share with us. Immediately both members of the band responded with sighs that they had an answer to their question stuck in the back of their heads ‘when will they ask about where Chad is?’. “We just had played Nashville and we’re packing up everything and loading out and Chad was like” I’ma go, I’m not feeling too hot’ and we told him to feel better and we will see you Monday morning. He ends up in the urgent care on Sunday because he had such a bad fever, around 103° and that turned into an ER visit the next day when we had to cancel the show, which turned into us trying to figure out how to do a show without him so we could play in Atlanta the next night and he turned out through around 3 visits to the hospital that he had some kind of gnarly cold that triggered a migraine that lasted 3 days”.

Photo By: Michelle Harris

After discussing the current tour, we lightened the mood asking the band the always fun and rather wide variety answered question “If you could tour with any band or artist living or dead, who would it be?” Nick and JT happily answered this question with excitement and curiosity. Nick’s answered, “Elvis Presley; Rock and Roll didn’t really exist yet, everyone toured in Cadillac’s and strapped their gear to the roof. You went to dancehalls and you didn’t have sound systems and you just had to figure out what touring really was”.

For those of you reading this article debating whether to check out Paper Route while they are on tour, here is exactly how frontman JT would describe the band to a stranger “We have to do this all the time, we are alternative-ish and indie rockband-ish we love samples, we love electronic music but we play instruments. There is a lot of sentiment in our music. Our lyrics are very honest; it is poetic but it is very heart on your sleeve. We try and make it sound like Britpop that has existed for 20 years but you just found it. It is always a goal of us that we want someone to discover us and be like ‘How long has this been a band??’”.

Photo By: Michelle Harris

Back in 2016 Paper Route released their third album titled ‘Real Emotion’ we asked how it different from their other albums such as ‘Peace of the Wild Things’ or ‘Absence’? True intention and honesty caressed JT’s answer, “(The) huge thing that stands out is that I feel like it was one of the first times we attempted to get our lives in some sort of order and trying just to get healthy mentally, especially it was one of the first times I tangibly saw that you don’t have to be miserable or going through something horrible in your life to make good art, or to even write dark songs and make heartbreaking moments. I think you could actually go darker because there aren’t as many casualties because you are actually in a healthy place and it doesn’t really wound the people around you.” Along with promoting the importance of mental health, Paper Route wanted to convey to their listeners that “(You should) embrace/be embracing all of it… a little bit more open and a little less reserved and to the chest”, Nick added.

Photo By: Michelle Harris

With the release of ‘Real Emotion’ Paper Route decided to create a life size, fully functional art installation in which the band performed inside during the album release party back in 2016. Nick and JT gave us the scoop on how the installation came into play for this album. “It is kind of something I have always wanted to try and do; I felt like if there was ever a chance it would be with this album. I have been making album art for a lot of other bands for a while now and I always end up painting or drawing something and taking a photograph of it. It ends up being a thumbnail but it original medium was a very large piece and I have always wanted to try and make everything huge. That was the original idea, we all just kind of riffed off of that that, we found the space and nick built these huge walls that everything hung off but they were able to be torn down and set up again multiple times. A lot of thought went into the form and function of it”. When asked if the installation art piece would make it’s debut on stage, the band made the statement that the installation was not currently a part of their tour but could be in the works at a later time.

Photo By: Michelle Harris

When discussing their favorite part of making the album JT chimed in about his favorite part “We found out by accident that The London Choir was this choir that I have been referencing for a decade on all of my favorite albums. They are on multiple tracks of the album. We actually did the session over skype while they were in London.”

Recently Paper Route released their latest single ‘Balconies’, Nick explained why it’s one of his favorite songs on the album. “It’s classic but it also sounds fresh, it is kind of a difficult thing to end up at; you only end up there by just a couple of good chess moves. From a musical standpoint I thought it was very cool and when I heard the melody I knew we didn’t need to touch it. All we did really was add the guitars” and both agreeing “It was one of the easiest songs we’ve ever written”. JT confides how this song ‘feels’ what it’s like when you don’t realize you are falling in love. Nick perfectly describes his feelings of ‘Balconies’ as “It is like a moment in time when the whole song happens in a blink in an eye and a beautiful wave about to collapse on you and it never really does until the song is done.”

‘Untitled’, ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Chariots’ were all songs thrown around when asked if they had a favorite song to play live. Like many other bands have answered, JT hit the nail on the head “It’s different every tour”. Nick chimes in “The energy is always flowing from somewhere it’s a blast!”

Lastly, Paper Route as a last statement to their fans over at Amped Sound “Tell all your friends and enemies about ‘Balconies’”. You can see Paper Route on tour with K. Flay and Day Jack at a city near you! Pick up their latest album, ‘Real Emotions’ where you buy music!

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