If you have no plan what so ever in attending the “No Pads, no Helmets…Just Balls” 15-year anniversary tour, I strongly suggest you rethink that decision. The combination of energy on the stage all night will make it one of the greatest concert experiences you have ever had.

The night started off with Canadian rock band Seaway. They have such a chemistry on stage together that you would think they have been formed just as long, if not longer, then Simple Plan. They were the perfect way to start the night. If you were even the slightest bit tired before the show, you were sure to be awake after Seaway.

Next up was Florida’s own Set It Off. If you have any prior knowledge of Set It Off, you knew you would need to be ready to jump and scream out lyrics to some of their catchiest songs. They played a variety of songs off their last two albums, which fit together like a perfect melody. Even the staff were swaying and bobbing their heads to each upbeat and meaningful song.  

Finally, it was time for Simple Plan to hit the stage, after many crowd karaoke moments with hits from Paramore and Panic! At the Disco while the crowd waited with anticipation, the lights dimmed and it was time. If you followed Simple Plan from a young age, it would be safe to say your inner child was screaming with excitement by this point. Once they hit the stage there wasn’t a dull moment till the very end of the night, in between songs there were jokes, promises of returning and even a stage diving drummer. It was almost like Simple Plan had been touring nonstop for the last 15 years with this album alone. “No Pads, no Helmets…Just Balls” was played front to back, including Japanese bonus track, “Grow up”. The night wasn’t completely full with throwbacks, one of their latest singles off their newest album “Taking One for the Team”. “Boom” made the crowd ready for what else is to come from Simple Plan.