Mental Health, anxiety specifically, comes in all shapes and forms. People handle their own issues in many different ways.  For us, speaking for Evan and Dan, we settle our thoughts through music. Everyone always asks, “Do you get scared before going on stage?” or “How do you handle the butterflies?” We usually answer these questions similarly. Being on stage to us is our time to show who we really are as people and as artists.  It’s a time when we can be as weird as we want to be, and it’s really just how we can express ourselves.
            When you’re in the middle of a panic attack for example, the world is closing in and you can’t breathe. You think you’re never going to leave this head space. When we’re playing music, weather it’s ours or someone else’s, it gives us a distraction to the thoughts. Music allows us to explain our feelings in ways words cannot. This sounds either crazy or hippie, but in reality it’s a chemical reaction in our brains. The same reaction some whom might have a stutter while speaking, but loses it when they sing. It’s really a beautiful and meditative thing.
            Allowing us to ease our anxiety, etc., through music, it’s only fair to pay that forward. In fact, it’s something we believe in strongly. We want others to realize how powerful of a vehicle music is, and to be able to utilize it the same we still do today. The same way a therapist helps his clients. The same way aromatherapy helps an individual. The same way yoga calms the mind; it’s all the same. Music is our outlet and will be for the rest of time. You just need to find your outlet. Get searching…

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