Queen of Heaven | The Traditional
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Playing too Safe
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Being in an emo band nowadays is something nostalgic, from 2005 to 2010 emo bands dominated the scene, albeit they all sounded familiar kids where digging it. Now we’re in 2017 where emo bands are somewhat what making a comeback From First to Last recently announced they’re reuniting. Buffalo  based trio The Traditional have a had an easier time tapping into a genre that is reviving  quickly because many bands have come before them and made a template of what to do and how to do it, and they seem to get the gist of  being a traditional (no pun intended) emo band.  With their new EP “The Queen of Heaven” they want to be taken seriously and from the sounds of it they will have no problem doing so.

Right off the bat the EP goes into familiar territory, with the song Parlez-vouz Français sounds a lot like old school The Story so Far, but it’s not a bad thing the catchy lyrics running parallel with some amazing guitar work Michael Bienias who I must saw holds a lot of weight of songs on his back just based on instrument and skill. Lyrically this EP shines and when it does you can’t miss, with the third song Thirty brings out the best in bassists and vocalist Anthony Musior who puts the every song together along with his voice that is mixed with the drumming and guitar work as if it goes there perfectly and it’s safe to say his vocal style unlike other bands just works with music he’s playing.

While the EP is good jumping off point for them, the downside is that we’ve heard songs like these done before time and time before, while it’s good they’re staying safe it just would make more sense if they would branch out a good example would be the last song My Love Marie is a staple song for emo bands they all have songs like that, a slow that builds up to something big while it’s a good song it’s just something that has been played time and time again.

 A lot of this EP can be heard in other bands but that doesn’t go without saying they’re trying because each song is so emotionally charged it will distract you from this fault. All in all this band will sell out shows in the beginning but staying in the limelight will be something of struggle for them if they stay safe and there’s a ton of potential for them to branch out which is something I want them to do.

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