No Gods No Loss | Sterile Jets
Abstract Writing LoudHonest Expression
4.3Overall Score

Sterile Jets’ is a noise-rock band from Long Beach California. Their latest album No Gods No loss is a soundtrack to a chaotic stroll down a path full of insomniac hallucinations. Before completely disregarding what the rest of the review has to say from that previous statement, let me explain. You know those late nights, where your body is full of caffeine, you’re irritated as hell because you can’t fall asleep and maybe you cry a little bit watching How It’s Made on the science channel? Well this album captures that very specific emotion. But No Gods No Loss, is much more than just that emotion, there is much more than the surface in this record.

With all the fuzzy guitar, abrasive vocals and rhythmic intensity, is a powerful contrast to the norms of melodic music. A true artistic expression that doesn’t conform to the normalcy of song writing. It’s loud and in your face, and maybe even just pure noise at times: but that’s what makes this record great. It’s not trying to be anything that it isn’t. It’s an honest representation of the artist’s emotions; the raw and minimalistic style of bass, guitar, drums and vocals, gives a direct and clear proclamation that they just don’t give a shit if they offend anyone. They explicitly demonstrate that in “Free Pork Bougie,” stating things like “I’m not here to make you comfortable” and “we’re all racist immigrants.”

One of the more interesting things on this record, is that the bass carries the melody most of the time as the fuzz of guitar encapsulates the listener in an aural sludge. “Olive Spoil” is a prime example of this; as well as a great representation of the anarchic writing style on the entire record. In a way, the song is a sort of planned randomness, as there doesn’t seem to be any typical chorus and verse. The song cuts hard with silence and then gets particularly loud; a bipolar characteristic perhaps. This lack of predictably can often sound like a headache but in the masterful hands of Sterile Jets it is a welcomed feature.

In all its glory No Gods No Loss, is a terrific album; the only shortcomings are that the songs don’t vary enough. While there are some distinct songs like “Fireside Drive,” “Free Pork Bougie” and “Olive Spoil,” there are those that have less of an impact. The album is raw, powerful and honest, definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for something out of your comfort zone.