It’s rare you find a concert that you can enjoy from any seat you may end up being,  front row or all the way in the nosebleed seats. The Death of a Bachelor tour was one of those shows. The energy from the beginning of the night radiated throughout the whole stadium and only got more intense as the night went on. First up was Saint Motel that had the crowd singing along to a number of their hits. There is a certain hit of theatricality with Saint Motel when they first opened, making the show feel a bit more interactive than most.

If Saint Motel didn’t get you pumped and moving, Misterwives definitely  did. The energy they have on stage and in their music was crazy and they put on a great show. The amount of spinning Mandy Lee did would have gotten me dizzy the first go around.If anyone hasn’t seen them live, I would suggest it being the next ticket you buy for a concert. 

Last but not least, Panic at the Disco was set to hit the stage. With a 10 minute countdown the crowd was anxiously awaiting the band to take stage, and when they did it was absolute madness. A Panic! at the Disco concert is very unique in the type of energy it produces, if there was a way to harness it, you could power a medium town for a few months. Everyone in that stadium sung in unison with Brendon Urie, like one big family. The only regret from the show was that it didn’t last longer. From AFYCSO mashups to Drum soles to “Bitch Better Have My Money”, I truly feel bad for anyone who couldn’t attend this tour.

Photos by: Danielle Rhew