Famous Monsters | The Psyatics
Fast-paced Exciting
Cliche Gimmicky
2.0Overall Score

The Psyatics’ Famous Monsters is a genuine attempt at a rock ‘n’ roll revival, full of fierce guitar and unhinged vocal melodies. Where the album succeeds is in its energy, it is met with an equal lack of tediousness . Famous Monsters is at least eclectic in its foundation, from pure pounding rock, to dark jazzy garage-rock, with several saxophone accompaniments, an obvious influence from their home in Vegas.


Famous Monsters has its moments where it is chaotic and exciting; just the concept of the album is gimmicky and cliché. Yea we get it you’re crazy, please stop shouting. The over the top nature of the album could exist for a couple songs instead of every song. The whiny and squeaky vocals, which may be the most signified element of the band, becomes jarring to my ears by the second song. It’s like the store brand version of Wolfmother, remember that band?


The band is not a talentless bunch, there are some interesting guitar riffs and the rhythm section is aggressive and adept. As with many bands, drum and bass tend to be the backbone holding everything together, The Psyatics are no exception. While most songs aren’t very complicated, the drummer keeps things moving with up-tempo rhythms and intricate drum fills.


The highlight of the Famous Monsters is this, sexy and false-seductive duet called “Pet Names.” I say false, because without listening closely to the lyrics, it sounds alluring. But it’s not, the duet is comprised of insults spelled out and traded between the two singers. This was by far the most creative effort on the album. But it still doesn’t make up for the rest of the slack.


I think one of the biggest problems with this album is that it’s four songs too many. There are couple of songs that just could be cut, or released as b-sides. Too many songs sound similar and honestly are just unnecessary, especially the track “Missing Piece.” Another song about how people are materialistic, wow how original.


“I am my things  I… AM… MY… THINGS… My stuff owns me”


I get the whole persona that the singer Rob Bell is trying to create. This crazy “monster” character who really seems like a bummer of a guy. But it just gets annoying and unlistenable, which is unfortunate because the band is definitely talented and creative.