Punk Goes Pop Vol.7
Not long Enough
4.0Wish it were Longer

Punk Goes Pop has always been a favorite collaborative collection of mine. Since I discovered the albums back in my junior high days, they have always been my preferred version of listening to pop hits. In my opinion, music is in its purest form when a collection of instruments are used in opposition to the electronic “fan favorites” of today. That being said, Punk Goes Pop vol. 7 continues their reputation of converting repetitive, cookie-cutter pop songs to the edgy grunge-aesthetic that is punk rock.

Two favorites from the Suicide Squad soundtrack have made the cut for Punk Goes Pop vol. 7 including a cover of Twenty One Pilot’s ‘Heathens,’ by Boston Manor, and the Harley Quinn mantra, ‘Gangster,’ by Kehlani, covered by New Years Day. Boston Manor’s rendition of ‘Heathens’ honors TOP’s style and doesn’t strip the song of what makes it unique or why it became a favorite, making it one of the musically entrancing songs on the album due to both the similarities and differences between the original and the cover.

Justin Beiber’s ‘Love Yourself’ is also featured on the album, a song I would admit to being a guilty pleasure of mine. Despite not being a fan of Justin Beiber, I couldn’t help enjoy the lyrics, but Grayscale changes the essence of Beiber’s pop ballad. Grayscale ups the tempo, adds some heavy guitar and drums and turns it into more of the protesting revenge song it seems to originally be intended as.

Easily, the catchiest, most beautifully rendered cover on Punk Goes Pop’s latest album is Andy Black and Juliet Simms’s rendition of Adele’s ‘When We Were Young.’ The added instrumentals provide the already beautifully lyrical song with even more drive and carries the words with ease. Additionally, the male-female dynamic provided by Black and Simms gives more of an emotional back and forth battle of heartache. Since two voices are represented rather than being sung solo, the song now presents a hopeful essence of reconnection and what could be rather than a simple reflection of what once was.

The latest edition of Punk Goes Pop features 13 covers and is set to release on July 14th. Until then, catch up on all of the Pop Goes Punk albums on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube in preparation for its release.