Location: Raleigh, NC

Genre: Rock

FFO: Black Stone Cherry, Saving Abel, Shaman’s Harvest, Art of Dying, & Shinedown

Faith & Scars is modern day hard hitting Rock, based out of North Carolina. They come at you with a Southern Flare and a Touch of Soul.
Born out of hard times, Faith & Scars acts as a namesake of the code the members live by Faith will see you through, and Scars will make you stronger.

Firm believers of putting hard work first to achieve their dreams, and not settling for failure; These four musicians can be found acting as one entity, chasing the dream they plan to make their reality: A Career in Music. Established in early 2014 by frontman Roger Liverman, the Faith & Scars drive has always been pushed by Faith.

Roger states,”We’ve found that if you hold faith in something, and hold it tight – be it your dreams, Family, a significant other, yourself or God – You’ll find yourself possessing a force that will push you to be the best you possibly can be.” 

Faith & Scars has a profound love for music and finds inspiration through many bands & musicians. They proudly wear their 90’s rock influence on their sleeves, yet distinctly display classic sounds you can compare to that of Guns n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Johnny Cash. Blend it all together and you get sound can be compared to bands such as Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, and Art Of Dying. 

Roger adds, “We just want to be the best we can be, and have a good time doing it. It’s a lot of hard work, and sometimes heartache, to keep a band together, but if we can touch someone with a lyric, or affect anyone in a positive way by doing what we do… Then we’ve done our job. We aim to put on the best show of our lives every time we step onto a stage. Whether it’s 500 people, or 2 people and the bartender – we try to play every show like it’s a sold out stadium.”

The band currently has an EP entitled “Highway Ride” available now online and at every show.
Keep the Faith.

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