Where can you even start with the show?

August 4th, The Wrecks, Waterparks, SWMRS and All Time Low hit the stage at The Ritz located in Raleigh, NC for a SOLD OUT show on The Young Renegades Tour. The tour was in support of All Time Low’s latest album “Last Young Renegade”. Each band only pumped up the crowd even more to the point where by the time All Time Low came on everyone was beyond the awkward stage of being next to a stranger and treated their neighbor like a long lost friend, screaming out lyrics to their favorite past time songs as well as new favorites. Naturally, there were more notable moments that happened during the night that deserves the spotlight.

The Wrecks performed an unreleased song titled “James Dean”, which is hopefully going to be on their next EP or Album. The energy they received back from the crowd during this song should have inspired them to hurry and release a studio version because while I cannot speak for anyone else, I’m ready to have it on repeat for at least two weeks.

When you hear the word Waterparks, you think of a fun day that you have been looking forward to for weeks and this is exactly the best way to describe this band. Waterparks really know how to assess a crowd and give them exactly what they want which is super impressive for a 3-person band. During the first few songs, Awsten Knight could be seen sitting Indian style on the stage playing guitar just as relaxed as ever, as if he didn’t have a crowd cheering him on.

The most notable moment from the SWMRS set was Cole Becker’s message on being who you want to be, no matter what anyone else, especially society, thinks of you. With everything going on in the world today regarding equality, this has been a common message upon bands who feel strongly about the subject and I personally think it is amazing.

The time had come, All Time Low was about to hit the stage, but of course not with a few issues. Alex Gaskarth, Lead Vocals, almost didn’t make it to Raleigh in time due to flight cancellation so he ended up renting a truck (insert many funny comments from Jack) and drove 6-8 hours to Raleigh for the show. Even after a long drive, the energy was spot on compared to any other All Time Low show. It is also worth noting that for his hard travels Alex was greeted with fresh popcorn that was passed all the way from the back of the venue to himself.