All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell | PVRIS
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2014 was a big year for Pvris (pronounced Paris), the Boston based trio put out their critical acclaimed debut record White Noise. The warm debut put them on everyone’s radar from listeners across all spectrums of genres, and that pushed them into the forefront early on. White Noise was a massive success for the band, the atmosphere, the themes and energy as a whole brought all the moving parts together each song held its own and brought something different. Lead singer Lynn Gunn showcased that she’s not just to be compared with other female singers but rather as a singer in general. Her haunting vocals meshed perfectly together with equally eerie sounding instrumental work done by the rest of the band.

Now, we’re three years later and the success of the previous album still lingers around the band and fans are anticipating what’s next for the trio. Pvris is nothing if they’re not consistent meaning the same themes and sound from White Noise are brought into the future in the shape of their new album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell due out August 25th on Rise. The ten song album features their most definitive work yet, vocally Gunn has only gotten better lyrically she’s at the top of her game and the lead single “What’s Wrong” shows that. The single has two of the many catchy hooks and cover the albums bleak vibe. “Walk Alone” and “Same Soul”  both have similarities in the sense that they’re both experimental, and being raw both replace the atmospheric keyboards with a more practical sound, something that 30 Seconds to Mars have adopted over the years.  The album isn’t just a dark, depressing sounding piece of work its way more than that, it excels the best in not sounding like its predecessor which in comparison lacked diversification.  White Noise worked with having almost all the songs sounding somewhat the same, it had a way of putting all those songs together and making the switch so fluid, their 2017 release is a different story the album has songs that can be danced too and also have songs that can be rocked out to, “No Mercy”   is simple aggressive song much like “Fire” off White Noise basically points out that Pvris can do more that Pop orientated songs. “No Mercy” brings the dance and pop side and mixes it with Pvris’s heavier songs and puts out what should have been the lead single. “Separate”  stands out from the rest lyrically the pure emotion of the song carries through her words, Gunn’s mysterious, unknowingness and hopefulness is in her voice maybe they’re demons she’s still facing because it’s evident on many tracks especially the on the second half. “Nola 1” sounds like it could be heard somewhere on top forty on the radio and that shows the trio can attain a higher level of success by not limiting themselves.

Pvris has already made impression in the industry and All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell is the proof. The progression they’ve made from these past 3 years is evident and clear, Gunn is tapping more into her dark side making the rest of the band to follow her into the abyss. Gunn is the driving force behind the album her voice and her words give the band a huge presence amongst their peers. It seems they’re getting comfortable with what they’re putting out and fans and newcomers have been nothing short of accepting of that.

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