How is the music scene in Providence, and how did you find your place in it? It’s a really artsy area, were you inspired by other bands and artists in the city?

The Providence music scene is fantastic. We’ve all made friends with so many other bands since we started Hello, Atlantic and everyone is super supportive of each other. Like a giant family. As far as being inspired by other bands in our area, not too much. We’ve all been playing shows in different bands since before a lot of the current bands in our scene existed.

You’ve been blowing up lately, and the press has been paying attention! How has it felt to go from tiny unknown band to doing all these interviews, features, and even making it onto Alternative Press’ discovery playlist? Has this changed the overall experience of being in the band?

It feels fantastic! Just to see people paying attention to us is humbling. We’ve done so many interviews and features in the last few months, and it’s been awesome. We can’t wait to see how things go after we release our second EP this fall. As for being on Alternative Press’ discovery playlist, we thought that was amazing. We’ve all been reading AP forever, so to even be associated with them is awesome.

 Congrats on playing a date of Warped Tour this summer! How was that experience?

Thank you! Playing the main stage at Warped Tour in our area was a dream come true for all of us. So many of our heroes have gotten to play on that stage, and for us to be able to play it as well was mind blowing.

How would you describe your stylistic evolution thus far?

Our stylistic evolution was caused by a couple of things. On “Home”, our old lead guitarist would pretty much write everything and come in with a completed song. Now, Ian (guitar/vocals) or Steve (vocals) will come in with a bare bones idea. Ryan and Eric (bass) will write their parts, then after that usually lead guitar and vocals will be done. 

 “Beaches” is a major tone shift on the EP. How did this song come about? Do you plan on writing more emotional acoustic jams? Do you ever play this song live?

Beaches is a song that Ian had written a few years ago. We definitely wanted an acoustic song on the EP, and when he showed everyone, we liked it. We actually have another emotional acoustic song on our new EP that we think is even better, so we’re excited. We also have been talking about potentially putting out an acoustic EP or maybe a deluxe version of our next EP with a couple of acoustic tracks on it. We’re still discussing it. We haven’t played it live yet but we’re always looking for some acoustic shows so that we can!

 Your first EP, “Home,” feels a lot more hardcore influenced, with rawer vocals and heavier drums, while your most recent single, “That’s Discipline, Son,” has a softer, more pop-inspired feel. Is that a hint at what fans can expect from your next release?

Our new music definitely has a little more of a pop feel to it compared to our first EP. There’s still a little bit of heaviness on there, but it’s definitely more tame. We also have a different drummer, and a different lead guitarist than the ones that were on “Home”. After we got Ryan (drums), and Nick (lead guitar), we all shared the same vision, and got to work right away on our second EP.

 What is your typical songwriting and recording process?

Steve or Ian come in with a song idea, and we all sit together and try different ideas for it and see what works. We build the song up and tear it back down to try different things to it.

 What are your current goals as a band?

One of the things we’ve always wanted to do was to play Warped Tour, which we were fortunate enough to do this year. Other than that, we want to spread our music to as many people as possible, and to play for as many people as possible. 

If you could open for any band, who would it be?

There are so many bands I’m sure we’d all love to open for. Some of the big ones for us would be Neck Deep, Dance Gavin Dance, Blink 182, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and other bands around those lines. That would be amazing for all of us!

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