Describe Civil Youth in three words.

Energetic Prog-Pop (that’s 3 words right?)

For those who may not be familiar with Civil Youth, what song do you recommend them listening to first? 

Dark Debts – It really showcases everything we like to portray in a song.

What should fans expect from the new album “Conversations”?

Heavier Lyrics, Heavier guitars, and catchier choruses!


Do you have any funny moments while recording the album?

I’d like to think there was something… lol I can’t recall any right now, but maybe if you watch out studio session videos there’s something in there?

You guys are out on the album release tour for “Conversations”, can you fill us in on what to expect at a show? 

Expect TONS of crowd interaction, beer pong at the merch table and high kicking…

If Civil Youth could create the “dream tour” who would you guys tour with and why?

Because they’ve influenced us so much, easily Biffy Clyro, Paramore and Twenty One Pilots.

Who were your biggest influences musically, as individuals and as a band, growing up?

The bands actually mentioned above are some of our most recent influences. We’ve always listened to them growing up, for the most part, and we really love how diverse and unique they are. They don’t let people tell them how to be a band and that’s something we cherish.

Why should people check out Civil Youth?

If you want a new sound of music and you’re sick of what’s out there. We’re bringing 06′ Post Hardcore back through Pop.

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