Genre: Metalcore

Location: Hanover, PA

FFO: Wage War, Fit for a King

Khali Truitt (vocals), Nick Farinelli(guitar), Tevin Gerlitzki(guitar), Josh Moorefield (bass), Zack Lee(drums), are the members of the band Forward Order. Created in the small town of Hanover, PA, all share the same determination and passion for music to make it a career and follow their dreams as musicians. They are currently in the process of creating and releasing their debut EP in 2017, and are also releasing their debut single off their EP in the Spring of 2017. Nick Farinelli and Josh Moorefield were the creating members of the band. Both loving music and having the same interests in the genre, they decided to make a band called Forward Order. They came across Khali Truitt for vocals, Zack Lee for drums, and Tevin Gerlitzki for guitar. Coming from the town of Hanover PA, they hope to leave their mark in the music scene with heart felt lyrics and the passion of creating and playing music.

Debut EP “Hollow Beginnings” is now available on, Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon!

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