Keep The Coffins Coming | Frank Iero and The Patience
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After the breakup of My Chemical Romance in early 2013, guitarist Frank Iero has been keeping busy keeping his craft alive and well. Since the disbandment of MCR and even before Iero has dabbled in punk scene with acts like Leathermouth and Pencey Prep but none have stayed as consistent as his latest solo project Frank Iero and the Patience who are releasing their new EP “Keep the Coffins Coming” tomorrow, September 22nd.

The EP for starters has the staple punk rock style to it, the opener “I’m a Mess” shows that grabbing influences from all those came before with quick and sharp jabs from the instruments mixed with vocals that match the tone of the song. For all of those who aren’t familiar with Iero vocals because of them being over shadowed by Gerard Way’s in MCR will be pleased because he can hold his own and this is shown off well in the second song “BFF”  he almost imitates the late Kurt Cobain of the Nirvana with those low notes along with the musical work going on behind his voice his a winning combination. The EP closes with a tasteful rendition of the “You are my Sunshine” in which Iero flexes his punk arm, it brings everything the EP has and puts into this one song and works out quite well.

Even though “Keep the Coffins Coming” is a solid release and goes between rock and punk and finds that ground connecting the two genres, it doesn’t bring much new or much to stand out from the others in scene of the band but it does work with staying safe and it is very safe EP for the genre. It’s short and sweet and full of a lot of energy in the end and that’s what makes it a good EP.

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