September 29th, a storm came rolling through Raleigh, NC in the form of tour buses heading to the popular downtown venue, The Ritz. Sylar, Too Close to Touch, Volumes and Issue rolled into town with one objective, the bring the house down at The Ritz. The night was full of crowd surfing, giant mosh pits and singing coming from the crowd that could be heard outside of the venue.

Sylar was first up and boy did they set the bar high for the amount of energy they put out! This band is one to be on the lookout for. I found myself singing their songs along with the crowd. They were a tough act for the next few bands to follow for sure.

Next up was Too Close to Touch, one band I was personally excited for. After hearing over and over that they were amazing live, I had to see it for myself. They did not disappoint, to say the least. Not only did they sound amazing, but each member had their own personality that shined through on stage.

Volumes had some of the more intense fans of the night. The mosh pit could have powered a small town for a month with just their energy, if you add in the energy coming from the stage you could easily double that. They knew how to get the crowd moving and were quite the energy-driven people themselves.

Last but definitely not least, Issues took the stage. This being the 5th time seeing them, the setup they had was different from what I have seen from them before. Giant platforms filled the small stage that were adorned with screens. From their conception, this band has grown and evolved so much that makes me proud. With the combination of clean and unclean vocals, they twist together in perfect harmony with deep meaningful lyrics that give you goosebumps. Issue closed out the night in a way that can only be described as amazing.