With Confidence an Australian punk rock group tour have been cut short for the remaining tour dates with Knuckle Punk for one main reason and that reason is due to allegations of sexual Assault. The group officially kicked out the guitarist name Luke Rockets. With these allegations, With Confidence US tour have been cut short.  Now Luke Rockets is not the only one being accused of sexual assault but also have been Jayden Seeley who is the lead singer of With Confidence now both Ini and Josh the two remaining bandmates that are not accused of these charges are pursing these charges against Seeley. Both Seeley and Rockets reputation is now slightly tarnished due to these charges of sexual assault. Rockets sexual assault claims happened in 2016 meaning he had contact and sexual assaulted a minor. For Seeley, the accusations is coming from with  a minor who said she had contact with Seeley when she was just fifteen but Seeley claims that he did not know of her age until now. Both With Confidence and Seeley have made statements regarding the sexual assault allegations but Rockets have yet to make a statement regarding these accusations that have been spreading around now.

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