Even if you’re not from Raleigh, North Carolina, you have heard of Alesana, the rock band with popular songs such as “Apology” and  ‘Oh, How the mighty have Fallen”. Recently we had the chance to speak with Shawn, their lead vocalist/guitarist about some of the different projects Alesana have on going and the Raleigh music scene.

Do you find the touring different from when Alesana first started to now?

Very much so.  Touring in the early days was a grind, 300+ days most years.  It was do or die.  Now, when we get together to tour it is more of a reunion and a celebration of the things we have accomplished.  It is wonderful to be able to still be able to play for our passionate fans.

What do you think of the current Raleigh Scene?

It is definitely far different than it was back when Alesana was first up and coming.  I think that a lot of local music scenes are suffering and that problem falls on everyone’s shoulders.  It is easy to live on the internet, which more and more people are doing, so much so that people are going to less and less shows.  Bands survive on the road and the more this problem escalates the harder it is going to be for bands to thrive, succeed, and sustain.

Who came up with the Find a Key for this album?

The idea arose when I realized there was so much video footage that it was going to have to sold as a flash drive and not a DVD.  I researched key shaped flash drives and thought that it would be cool to call the project the key to the story.  It all just sort of fell into place.

A few years ago you had planned to put out a Live CD, is that still an option or possibly in the works?

This is definitely something we still want to do.  Unfortunately, the files in the session were damaged and that particular show is unusable.

How have the dedicated fans taken in “Origins”?

Everyone has seemed super excited!  Personally, I put everything I’ve got into every aspect of this project.  I hope that my passion resonates with our fans.  I want to enjoy this experience with them.

What is your favorite song off the new album?

I love The Coward, which is the B-side from The Emptiness.I loved that song back when we wrote it and it’s place in the story is super cool, the idea of there being one eyewitness who survived the massacre.

Are there any songs from the past that you regret writing?

Absolutely not.  I am very proud of all of the music we have done.  Every song has a place and purpose in our creative arc.  One of my favorite things about art is that it changes with time in terms of how it is appreciated and having been able to create art for so many years is incredibly humbling.