Remember when Impending Doom basically played brutal death metal with breakdowns? What if they stayed that way and added slams into the mix? The result would more or less be Tennessee quintette Abated Mass of Flesh. If the name already sounds wordy enough, get your dictionary out because they describe their style as “Cacophonous. Caustic. Vociferous.” Not that you’ll be able to read much while you headbang… these guys are as hard as slam metal gets.

You need look no further than AMOF’s double-album combo to see they mean business. Eerie atmospheres and acrobatic riffs from guitarists Zack Plunkett and Thomas Wingate, life-ending chugs from bassist Riley Wingate and Max Tubville’s raw drumming make for an experience as earthy as it is intense. While certainly as technical as one would expect from brutal slamming death metal, these guys know how to groove as well as blast — a crucial element for effectively playing this style.

It’s also worth mentioning that both Lacerated, released in April, and Eternal Harvest, released in Aug., sound distinct from each other within AMOF’s savage parameters. They’re neck-and-neck in terms of aural violence, there’s enough musicality to differentiate each song and distinguish the two albums.

While listeners will certainly have to follow along with the lyrics due to the grotesquely guttural vocal delivery, but the words Matthew Plunkett spins over such immense heaviness are quite profound and emotionally charged. In a scene known for its fixation on misogyny and gore, it’s refreshing to see a band go their own way without trying too hard to imitate their contemporaries — even transcending the clichés of Christian metal with riveting execution.

Even after dropping two of their eight official releases in one year, AMOF has no intention of slowing down. In fact, both Matt and Zach are well underway with their solo projects Cryptic Rising (FFO doom, sludge, and powerviolence) and Flayed Alive (more good ol’ fashioned slams). If ever there was a time to be keeping an eye on this band and its members, it would be now. Moreover, if this is the first you’ve heard of this band, you’ll have your thirst for ferocity quenched for years.

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