Most people never even consider YouTubers as a source of musical expertise, which is not surprising, considering all the singers and groups that pervade the news and social media. The majority of YouTubers go without gaining the same recognition as the more ‘mainstream’ artists and groups, even when their talent is on par, if not greater. Well, I wish to change that.

I have compiled a list of five YouTubers that have produced musical content that I believe deserves recognition. That is not to say that there are not any other YouTubers that do not deserve recognition, these are just my personal top five.

1: Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
Probably one of the better-known YouTubers for his voice acting work in several notable anime, Nathan Sharp first created his channel in 2012 and started off with making Pokémon parody videos. He later began covering anime openings, translating them into English and giving his own rock and punk style to dozens of popular anime. As time went on, Sharp further evolved by creating his own original pieces inspired by popular video games that he played on his channel. In 2015, Sharp’s first original album “Mangled” was released and was featured on iTunes’ Top Rock Album charts. Since then, Sharp has produced eight separate albums, showing his love and devotion to his craft.

2: Will Ryan (DAGames)
Even before Will Ryan created his popular channel, DAGames, he had already gained popularity as an animator for Newgrounds and as a member of a band before coming to YouTube. As his channel was just beginning to stretch its wings, Ryan decided to make music based on the games he played on his channel, starting with “It’s Time to Die”, a song based off of the ever popular “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. With his Rock and Metal style, Ryan took YouTube by storm, becoming one of the site’s most popular music and Let’s Play channels.

3: Jonathan Young (Jonathan Young)
Jonathan Young is a singer and popular YouTuber who rose to fame in 2012 after the birth of his channel. Young is better known for his Hard-Rock and Metal renditions of Disney covers, as presented in his first album, “Young Does Disney 1”. However, Disney is not the only thing that Young can do. Young has also done renditions of other popular songs such as “Eye of the Tiger”, “Stayin’ Alive”, and “Beat It”. Much like Nathan Sharp, Young has done renditions from popular anime, Pokémon, and even Game of Thrones as well. To this day, Young continues to produce Metal, Rock, and even Country renditions of popular songs, giving new life to already well known and popular music.

4: Caleb Hyles (Caleb Hyles)
Caleb Hyles music career on YouTube started out on a gag type channel called Crazybros in 2009 where he and his brother produced rather ludicrous videos. As time went on, Hyles uploaded videos of himself singing popular songs and fandubs of his favorite anime. Slowly, the amount of music produced increased for Hyles until he made his own channel, CalebCovers. In 2013, Hyles’ popularity hit an all-time high with his “Let It Go” cover from Disney’s Frozen. Since then, Hyles has given Metal renditions of various songs from Metallica to Steven Universe, even songs made by other YouTubers. Hyles has also done several features with Johnathan Young for both of their channels.

5: Amanda Lee (LeeandLie)
Amanda Lee, like Nathan Sharp, along with being a popular YouTube singer is a voice actress who won the voice acting portion of AX IDOL in 2011. Since then, Lee has been featured in several video games and animations as both a voice actress and vocalist. Lee too has done renditions of popular anime music, making well over one hundred renditions. Last September, Lee released her first original album, “Hourglass”, further proving that YouTubers are just as good as any other mainstream artists and groups.

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