When was the last time you danced your heart out to a spaghetti western? On PVRIS’ upcoming tour, electro-pop group Flint Eastwood wants you to embrace your wild side. The sibling duo puts their own twist on addictive electronic beats, drawing surprising inspiration from 1960s western flicks. Fronted by Detroit powerhouse Jax Anderson, Flint Eastwood harnesses wild west edge into a show that dares you to sit still.

Their first release, an explosive EP titled “Late Nights in Bolo Ties,” marked the birth of this innovative sound. The band combined screeching electric guitar, drum fills, and synth galore, creating edgy pop that even a seasoned punk couldn’t resist. Through the release of their subsequent singles and 2015 EP “Small Victories,” Flint Eastwood developed their MO—an electronic, atmospheric sound that maintains the distinctive textures of their spaghetti western origins. The duo signed to Neon Gold Records in 2017, and released their newest EP, “Broke Royalty.” Now, after successful stints at Bonnaroo, Falls Fest, and Lollapalooza, they’re crossing the country with acclaimed rock outfit PVRIS.

“Broke Royalty” boasts production support from Paul Meany (MUTEMATH) and Tommy English (BORNS), and their impact is evident. Lauded by Billboard as “musically grandiose and empowering,” Flint Eastwood’s songs are expansive, electro-soundscapes you can fall into. Anderson’s vocals are undeniably powerful- she combines the percussion-like syncopation of HAIM with the raw power of Paramore. But her overall sound is incomparable, a mix of cascading synth and unexpected acoustic elements, be it a spry keyboard or a punctuating horn section. Anderson also makes waves outside of the studio—she directed the unsettling video for “Monster,” and co-founded Assemble Sound, a Detroit-based music collective. When she’s not on tour, you can find her posted up in Assemble Sound’s renovated church headquarters, perfecting the next Flint Eastwood beat.

The ability to master the current electro-pop trends and bend those sounds to create something completely wonderful? That is the mark of an artist to watch, and one that you won’t be able to stop watching. Be sure to check out Flint Eastwood on their spring run with PVRIS!

On 2/17, they hit Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Pick up your tickets here!


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