On January 24th, the final album of late singer/songwriter Kim Jonghyun of Korean pop group SHINee was released. Titled “Poet | Artist” and appropriately so, this was his 3rd solo album which he wrote and recorded before his death back in December. All albums proceeds are going to his mother, who is setting up an organization for people struggling with depression.

The album contains 11 tracks:

-Shinin’ (With music video release)


-Take the Dive




– Just for a Day

– I’m so Curious


-Before Spring


The music video for “Shinin'” is everything I wanted to remember Jonghyun by. It’s bright, colorful, upbeat, and funky. And there’s a particular line in the song where he says “always be with you” that puts my heart at ease.

The rest of the album is quintessential Jonghyun. It’s very him. It has a funky/chill vibe and some songs have a bit of a dance-y element. Definitely a great album to listen to when you just want to lay down and chill for a bit. “Sightseeing” is probably the funkiest of all, and in “Rewind” he counts in six different languages. (Our Jonghyun has always been a little on the extra side.) And the album rounds out with a softer ballad called “Before our Spring” where his vocals tug at your heartstrings.

Jonghyun’s suicide was hard on fans around the world, but this album certainly eases the pain for me at least. It’s nice to have that last final piece of art from him that will last a lifetime. He was an incredible talent that will live on forever. Be sure to check out his music video below!


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